Fire Extinguisher Blog

Types of Fire Extinguishers and Their Uses

26th July 2019

In this blog post, we’ll look at the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses.

So, you can understand which types of extinguisher you need in your workplace.

And, importantly, know the correct extinguisher to use in the event of a fire!

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Risk Assessment Blog

The 5 Step Process to Risk Assessment

11th June 2019

Risk assessment is the foundation of health and safety in the workplace.

But, how do you conduct a risk assessment? And, what are the best practices?

Through this painless process, set out in this blog, you can control the risks in your workplace.

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Benefits of Onsite Training

5 Major Benefits of Onsite Training

17th April 2019

Onsite training offers the perfect balance between flexibility and cost-effectiveness for training your team.

But you may not know about the benefits of onsite training.

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Ambulance Response times

Yorkshire’s Ambulance Response Times: How Long Will You Be Waiting?

7th March 2019

The time it takes for an ambulance to reach you can mean life or death.

Based on data from the Ambulance Trusts (Jan–Oct 2018) we have compiled a list of urgent ambulance response times based on the postcode districts of Yorkshire.

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Workplace Mental Health

5 Invaluable Resources for Improving Workplace Mental Health

1st February 2019

Workplace mental health is a subject that has never been more important.

Yet, due to the stigma surrounding mental illness, many people feel like they cannot open up to their colleagues or employers.

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Food Contamination Blog

Food Contamination: A Guide for Food Businesses

14th January 2019

The repercussions of food contamination can be deadly.

Therefore, it is important that your business takes the appropriate measures to prevent contamination.

Knowing the right measures to put in place starts with understanding how contamination occurs.

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Health and Safety Breach

Consequences of a Health and Safety Breach (Updated)

17th October 2018

In 2016/17, 554 companies were convicted of health and safety failings. A whopping £69.9 million was paid in fines rising from £38.8 million in 2015/16.

In this blog, we have used two real-life case studies to outline the possible consequences of ignoring health and safety

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First aid training FAQ

First Aid Training Frequently Asked Questions

12th September 2018

Got a burning first aid training question that you need answering?

You’re in luck!

Below we have compiled a list of common first aid FAQs to put you in the know!

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Manual Handling Legislation

Manual Handling Legislation: The Key Points You Should Know

7th August 2018

Manual handling is one of the leading causes of workplace injury.

Approximately 8.9 million days were lost through musculoskeletal disorders in 2016/17.

No wonder the Health and Safety Executive has made tackling MSDs a priority over the previous few years.

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Creating a Staff Training Plan

Creating a Staff Training Plan for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

4th July 2018

An effective staff training plan is a great way to maximise your return on investment from workplace training.

Yet, setting one up can be daunting. Many questions can be running through your head…

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National Water Hygiene Card: What's it all about?

National Water Hygiene Card Explained

27th March 2018

The National Water Hygiene Card (also referred to as the ‘Blue Card’) was created in 2006. It was designed to teach anyone working in contact with the water supply to have a grasp of the duties when working alongside water drunk by the population.

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Identifying Fire Hazards

Identifying Fire Hazards: The Start of Your Fire Risk Assessment

8th February 2018

Fire hazards are present in every business, big or small.

And, you need to know how to identify them when you are completing your fire risk assessments.

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