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Our mission at Livius Training Centre is to support each one of our clients with their business, including their HR guidance.

Learn more about training as a HR professional with our industry case studies, planning advice & free templates.

Take a look below at our HR guidance;

mental health at work, starting the conversation

Mental Health at Work – Starting the Conversation

Mental Health at Work accounted for 55% working days lost in 21/22. As part of Samaritans talk to us month, we have put together our top tips on getting the conversation started in your company.
Stress Management for HR

Stress Management Guidance for HR

In 2020/21, the HSE reported 822,000 employees suffering from work related stress, anxiety or depression.Take a look at how the Metropolitan Council has taken steps to introduce a stress management policy and use the HSE Management Standards to set out your plan for stress management plan.
Managing Staff Training in HR

Managing Staff Training in HR

Managing staff training as a busy HR manager can be an added job that takes up your already limited time.We have put together this case study showing how one of our clients, HR Manager Lauren, manages a workforce of 200.
Effective Training Planning

Effective Training Planning

Are you new to planning training for your company? Or maybe you don’t know what your options are and the best way to go about it.We have created this checklist to make sure you & your business plan your training efficiently, effectively & accurately.
back to work after lockdown

Back to Work after Lockdown

As lockdown lifts and the furlough scheme comes to an end, we are all preparing to get back to full time work, whether that be at home or back in the office.Adapting to the changes is not necessarily going to be easily. So we have put together a FREE checklist for employers and employees.