Water Training

Our Water Training Schemes include EUSR National Water Hygiene and SHEA Water, which are often required to gain access to certain sites.

Choose from our Water Training Courses below.

We run our open courses from our training centre near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire.

In addition, you can book onsite water training throughout Yorkshire and North East.

EUSR National Water Hygiene Card

1/2 Day

Gain access to restricted clean water sites


1 Day

Gain access to construction sites for utility purposes

Managing Water Systems Safely

1/2 Day

Manage your commercial water system and prevent risk to public health.

Who needs EUSR water training schemes?

Who needs a National Water Hygiene Card?

The EUSR National Water Hygiene Card (often called the “Blue Card”) allows water industry workers access to restricted sites. These can be sites such as reservoirs, pumping stations, wells, springs and boreholes. The card aims to ensure that workers understand the importance of good hygiene when working around potable water.

Who need a EUSR SHEA Water Card?

The EUSR SHEA Water Card allows holders access to construction sites for utility purposes without the need for a CSCS Card. This is generally a health & safety course with water specific modules. Therefore, this course is ideal for water industry workers from managers down to operatives.

Both courses are accredited by awarding body EUSR.