EUSR Virtual Water Cards Launch

EUSR virtual water cards will begin to replace current EUSR Cards from February 2022. Individuals gaining a new EUSR registration will receive a virtual card. Cards are accessible via the Vircarda app. Individuals can download this app to their smartphone or tablet.

Candidates attending our EUSR National Water Hygiene & EUSR SHEA Water training will need to submit their mobile contact number. This could be either a company mobile number or a personal mobile number. Either way, it does need to be a number belonging to the individual, so they can receive the SMS with their unique registration and PIN.

How to set up your EUSR Virtual Water Card?

In order to access your virtual card for the first time, take a look at our step-by-step guide below or watch our short video.

  1. You will receive an SMS message after your course. This will contain your registration & PIN number for the Vircarda App.
  2. Download the Vircarda App. You can do so by searching your app store or following these links below;
  3. You will now be able to use the details from your SMS message to log into the Vircarda App.
  4. Set up your account by filling out the fields. Your EUSR Virtual Water card will be visible. This will include details of any additional EUSR schemes you have previously undertaken.

EUSR cannot issue a virtual card without a mobile number. It is therefore vital that we included a mobile number in your registration.

To access your virtual card from now on, you can simply open the Vircarda app on your smartphone or tablet device and view the virtual card.

Watch our step-by-step guide below;

How do I use my EUSR virtual water card?

To show your virtual card at the site entrance, Vircarda will generate a temporary QR code that the site office can read with the Checarda* app, the compatible QR reader app.

Alternatively, the site office may enter your details on the EUSR register search to confirm your registration.

*Please note generic QR reader apps cannot read the QR codes generated by Vircarda.


What happens if I change my phone or mobile number?

You can transfer EUSR virtual water cards easily to a new device. Simply download the Vircarda App to your new phone. Then login using the email address and password credentials that you used to set up your Vircarda account.

You can then click “Add Card” and select the relevant card from the list. When the card has downloaded to the new device, your card will automatically delete from your old device (provided the old one is still online).

If you change your mobile number, you must contact EUSR Support to update your record.

Will my plastic card still work?

For existing EUSR registrations, a virtual card will be available to you later in 2022. However, your plastic card will remain valid until you are due to renew your water training. At this point, you will be issued with a new virtual card.

My virtual card has a different expiry date to my EUSR registration expiry date?

Your virtual card has an expiry date on the front that is not linked to your EUSR registration.

When the virtual card expires, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet, which prompts them to add the new card to your virtual wallet. This will only happen provided your EUSR registration remains valid.

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

If you do not own a mobile phone, you can request a smart card at additional cost. Please contact us prior to your course in order for us to make arrangements.

What will happen with CSCS registrations, including SHEA Water?

Virtual and smart cards will be in place for all EUSR schemes by 1st April 2022. You will then be able to gain access to a CSCS controlled site using your virtual or smart card.

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has mandated that all CSCS and CSCS Partner cards must be capable of being read by a new app they are currently developing. The EUSR SHEA Water virtual cards will be fully compatible with this new app.

If a mobile number is not provided to EUSR then some individuals run the risk of not being allowed onto CSCS sites from 1 April 2022. To update your previous EUSR SHEA Water registration, contact EUSR Support.