Managing Staff Training in HR

Managing staff training as a busy HR manager can be an added job that takes up your already limited time.

We have put together this case study showing how one of our clients, HR Manager Lauren, manages a workforce of 200. As well as keeping her training programme up to date in a busy electrical installation industry.

How to Save Time

We understand the fundamental running of Lauren’s business, so don’t need to discuss training methods for each course request. She always needs staff training to be held at specific times, meaning staff working away don’t take time out of their week. For Lauren, these would be early Monday, late Friday, or, where possible, a Saturday.

Lauren has taken time in the past to consider the profitability of her company’s contracts. This has now paid off, as they have established the preference to spend money on staff wages in order to train outside working hours.

How the HR Department Benefits

As with so many HR Managers, Lauren’s time gets taken predominately by managing staff, handling staff issues & keeping up to date with employee law. This leaves little time in her day-to-day work for arranging training, contacting providers & compiling quotes.

Lauren has found having an honest & open conversation with us, means we can understand her requirements and ensure any training requests fit around her company. It is our mission at Livius to ensure we understand our client’s challenges & create the optimal solution.

Lauren can now save time on managing staff training, without worrying about her staff being trained. Her focus is on other essential work & she is always ready for the next contract.

How HR Arrange Training

In this case, Lauren receives a request from the contracts manager to ensure training is in place for upcoming contacts. Having an accurate training matrix in place means she can ensure a swift answer to accept the new contract.

As we have worked with Lauren for so long, we also notify her when renewal training is due to ensure her team stays on top of their programme.

Once Lauren knows what is required, she simply sends a brief email asking for us to schedule the course. This would usually include;

  • Course Title
  • Candidate Numbers
  • Contract Start Date

From this information, we offer a couple of date options, of which she will then confirm her preferred.

Our Booking Process

We adapt our booking process to suit each client, making it as easy & simple as possible with no long booking forms to complete.

If you would like a working partnership with us, so you can save time in organising your training, please get in touch with us. We would love to discuss how we can be an integral part of your company, looking at your business plans, new contracts & ensuring your continuity of work.