Workplace Mental Health – ‘Let’s Be Kind To Our Minds’

kind to our minds

The rise in awareness regarding workplace mental health is on the increase and for good reason, businesses can be held accountable and hold a legal duty to ensure that its employees are protected from physical and emotional stresses within the workplace.

A high proportion of employees, 86%, regard work as key to their identities, emphasising the criticality businesses play in ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of its employees. However, statistics indicate that despite this mental health is currently the number one reason for staff absence – 70 million work days are lost collectively within the UK each year due to mental health illnesses; which in turn is combined with a cost of approx. £2.4bn for UK employers.

Therefore, I am sure you can agree that workplace mental health is a priority that is paramount in order to ensure the highest productivity and a healthy working environment for all within a business.

So in what ways can you help to ensure that your business is providing its employees with a happy workplace environment?  Invest into some Mental Health First Aid Training accredited by MHFA England.

Mental health first aid training is available for those who are responsible for adults and youths, whilst being recognised and endorsed by the government to be adopted by businesses in order to stop preventable health issues arising. The training is designed to help to build a supportive culture around mental health, whilst equipping those with the tools needed to support themselves and other colleagues in relation to wellbeing.

Here at Livius Training we offer two types of Mental Health First Aid Training:

Let’s work together to be kind to our minds.