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Stress Management Guidance for HR

In 2020/21, the HSE reported 822,000 employees suffering from work related stress, anxiety or depression.

Take a look at how the Metropolitan Council has taken steps to introduce a stress management policy and use the HSE Management Standards to set out your plan for stress management plan.

Maintaining Training in Schools

Managing Training in Schools has been extremely challenging, with staff needing to isolate. Along with maintaining your duty of care for the children, training has become minimal in many education settings.

We’re sharing the experience of two different primary schools, Angela, School Business Manager and Edith, School Administrator

Maintaining Training in Hospitality

Managing Training in Hospitality can be extremely challenging. You juggle a high turnover of staff, staffing rotas & recruitment, so where does training fit in to this?

Our hospitality clients are no different. Take a look at how Kevin, General Manager and Freya, Catering Manager, manage their training in the hospitality sector.

Macmillan Cakeaway 2020

On Friday the 25th September, we hosted our Macmillan cakeaway for the second year running. Obviously we had an additional battle on our hands this year with all the change that COVID19 has caused.

We are over the moon with the amount we have raised and want to say a big thank you to all the support off our customers!

Covid First Aid Guide

As workplaces return it is important you remain compliant with HSE. We have put together a quick guide to performing first aid during the Coronavirus pandemic based on the HSE & Resus Council guidance.

We recommend sharing this guidance with your first aiders to ensure they remain safe as well as maintaining the safety of their casualties.