Christmas Advent Countdown 2020

Welcome to our Advent daily challenge

Follow along for our free course tips & join in with our daily tasks to save time & stay safe this Christmas.

Team Livius will also be taking part in our daily challenges & we want to see you taking part as well. Join us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn using #LiviusAdvent2020

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Christmas Advent 2020 1

Today’s challenge is a skills test, can you get yourself into the recovery position or find yourself a festive mascot to test your skills.

Practicing your first aid skills is important all year round, but lets have some fun and see what you can remember.

Use our hashtag #LiviusAdvent2020 or tag us in your photos

Christmas Advent 2020 2

With all the extra Christmas treats around it is so tempting to take a bite. Unfortunately many people suffer from allergies & the risk to them can be much greater at this time of you.

So if you have or use an auto injector (eg. Epipen) then we want you to check those expiry dates today. This is particularly important for schools holding spares for their children.

Christmas Advent 2020 3

Excel tip for today!

We all use spreadsheets to keep track of our our work, if you often enter today’s date into a cell there is a quicker way.

Press Ctrl and ;

The date will automatically appear in the box.

Try it today and save time to get through that festive to do list.

Christmas Advent 2020 4

Look after your own mental health!

Christmas can become really stressful trying to clear your desk at work, getting the house ready & making plans for the big day.

We challenge you to take at least 5mins for yourself today. Have a short walk, a tasty treat or even a quick chat with a loved one. Encourage your colleagues to do the same. Self care is not selfish!

Christmas Advent 2020 5

Lets get those decorations sorted!

We want them to look fantastic but of course be safe. Make sure your wires are taped down & hidden and don’t put those amazing Christmas cards near candles or heaters.

Whether it be at home or in your office we would love to see your decs, make sure you tag us and use #LiviusAdvent2020